Sunday, June 17, 2012

Profiles on the basis of birth rasi

We just check out some stats from suba profiles on the basis of birth rasi

You dont need to stick to this this statictic, because there is a big number of profiles published with out any rasi details. Find them all here

Medam  526
Edapam  357
Methunam  461
Kadaham  470
Simmam  500
Kanni  524
Thulam  393
Viruchchikam  480
Maharam  413
Thanusu  385
Kumbam  408
Meenam  386

Monday, June 4, 2012

There are messages waiting for you

"Hi, there are 812 unread messages in Suba inbox right now for this area, to find your messages please sign in here. Be connected suba to get notified"

Yes, we found some messages waiting for their recipients; as a result of this we have implemented notification systems to remind you about your inbox.

Now you are please to sign in to Suba to read those messages. Please find here the simple 2 steps on how to check your messages. Be connected to Suba and find your life partner. Cheers!!

How to check my message

We are continuously working hard to makes things easier with Suba. Here is another example on how you could check your inbox in just 2 steps.

1. Sign in to Subamangalam member area here.

2. Click on messages from the top tool bar.(please check the image below)

That’s all, find your latest message and reply the sender promptly. Keep connected to Suba.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Profiles on the basis of Natchaththiram

We just check out some stats from suba profiles database on the basis of natchaththirams and found the followings.

Natchaththiram and Number of profiles
Ashvini  299
Barani  250
Karthigai  170
Rohini  271
Mirugaseeridam  170
Thiruvathirai  191
Punarpoosam  238
Poosam  192
Aayiliyam  179
Maham  200
Pooram  199
Uththaram  196
Aththam  191
Ciththirai  186
Suwathi  164
Visakam  190
Anusam  199
Kotttai  236
Moolam  199
Pooradam  156
Uththaradam  231
Thiravonam  206
Avittam  146
Sathayam  206
Poorattathi  176
Uththarattaathy  119
Revathy  184

You don't need to stick to this statistic, because there is a big number of profiles published with out any rasi details. Find them all here

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Suba with OpenID

Entering user credentials for every web site was replaced with the ‘single login’ for many sites, long ago.

As a one of the best web services provider we wish to understand and comminute with our users individually, while providing the maximum security. That’s where we request you to sign in before accessing any member oriented service.

This time we are happy to implement OpenID in Subamangalam, that allows you to log-on to many different websites using a single identity.

You are free to select a open id provider under the number of given options we have facilitated.
Keep logged in, Keep connected to enjoy the Subamangalam, your edition.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to the official blog for Subamangalam

Couple hands together
Couple hands together
We spend some most valuable time to think about improving the features and functionalities of Suba as a marriage portal. As a result we add significant improvements on a weekly basis.

So we have decided to inform you, our users to get use of those functionalities for them to get more from our Suba as a free service. We found this blog as a correct place for us to inform our members when we get something to announce.

Please be connected to Suba member section to get noticed, also follow us here for more updates time to time.

Once again, Welcome to Subamangalam blog!!